Safe, secure; Security

At UNITED NATIONS LOGISTICS & DIPLOMATIC COURIER SERVICE, our mission is to provide and maintain effective, high quality security services to ensure the personal safety of clients, goods as always. We are your promises secured and promises kept from the beginning of each process till the end of it. Protection of their property/minerals and overall security of the business community that we serve. The company strives to deliver innovative, efficient and cost-effective services, and is dedicated to excellence through professionalism and quality customer service.

Mission Statement

UNITED NATIONS LOGISTICS & DIPLOMATIC COURIER SERVICE is a company that cares about our clients we serve. We are an organization whose principals and beliefs guide the services that we provide.

Key Values Include

To be committed to honest and ethical behavior
To treat clients with fairness, loyalty, and respect
To accept responsibility and accountability for business and service provided
To maintain a quality of professionalism for employees through training, development and education
Each of these services can be coupled with a variety of technological applications, which when combined, result in a comprehensive security program.


A New Wave Revolution

Like a new dawn new wave, UNITED NATIONS LOGISTICS & DIPLOMATIC COURIER SERVICE have revolutionized courier shipment / logistics by simplifying the world of logistics / freight cargo shipment / delivery services. From international air express courier handling and delivery of special goods / services delivery; thereby taking international freight/delivery services to a whole new level. Today we have not only revolutionized freight courier and delivery services so seamless, but we have also brought back the fame and glory of the industry by way of tailored service delivery which has brought back customers confidence and trust


Giant Leap of Logistics

Over the years, through our unequalled insistence and constant knocking at every possible opportunity and which have given rise to our excellent impeccable records, and as such we have calved a niche for our self in the field of logistics, courier services and delivery of goods like Steve Jobs did to the computer world and mobile gadgets. We are dreamers; always dreaming. Now, we are breaking new ground again in cooperation with grounded proven courier services agencies by collaborating and by incorporating technology, hence we made deliveries to you and the utmost parts of the world reality.


Integrated synergy of human and technology intertwine into an unbeatable delivery synergy. UNITED NATIONS LOGISTICS & DIPLOMATIC COURIER SERVICE is this now new day new wave new edge of courier services and logistics everywhere, anyday.

A Range Innovation

Our Services

You can trust us to deliver your parcels and your promises at home and abroad taking the same care that you would yourself. We are ready as always, and as ever were more than ready to deliver ultimately as we have been doing over the years.


We’re equipped with latest technology and hands-on-carrier professionals in the field upon whose experience and expertise we relay on; and you’ll discover that good quality can also be good value safely given as and when as required by our clients.


At UNITED NATIONS LOGISTICS & DIPLOMATIC COURIER SERVICE, We offer a wide range of value for money logistical / courier services as we endeavor even beyond limits to ensure we deliver within required parameters of logistical / delivery services as guaranteed under courier services code of conduct under IATA.


Be it special goods, normal, perishable or imperishable items, precious metals or materials, we have spot-on and on-point delivering services tailored towards such situations and we assure you our 100% hitch free delivery /services, whenever and where ever.


Everywhere and world over; were known and patronized by our customers and clients who have been with us and our customer base is growing and growing. We are setting standard for exceptional services delivery in terms of courier services and logistics (warehousing, safekeeping and resources material access) through our resourceful resources.


We deliver to every address anywhere in the world, through devoted synergy of our international partnerships around the world by way of collaborating with other proven courier services agencies. With the right combination and flexible customer oriented packages styled to suit our customer and their situations; hence we keep them very happy and fulfilled and we are proudly satisfied too.


Our services are tailored to satisfy the customer, and they are affordably and your wishes as redeemable as valid dreams. Always we are at your service and you can count on us, everyday in all situations; and on time.


Let us know how you want what you want, when you want what you want; and it is done. UNITED NATIONS LOGISTICS & DIPLOMATIC COURIER SERVICE is your friendly worthy ever-ready and trusted partner you can always count on.


With us, your goods and items are in safe hands as ever. You can track your parcels at every stage of its journey to your chosen destination.


We deliver them safe and intact to you (or for you) without hassles and we deliver where ever you want it delivered as and when and how you want it.


For business account customers there is additional specialist services fashioned only for such customers through ourexclusive facilities for such exclusive customers / clients as they prefer for the nature of their items/goods/services.


We are currently offering worldwide parcel and heavy weight delivery services, and special deliveries. We are using the major international Carriers, Aircrafts, Ships, Trains and Trucks; by air, on land and at sea.


Take the easy, cost effective solution for shipping documents, legal parcels and special goods/items by using our fully protected special shipment services, now.


Talk to us, and it is done. Surely you will never ever regret you did.

UNDER PRECIOUS METAL DELIVERY (pls change with as shown below)

Special Items Delivery

Delivery of special goods and delicate services such as minerals, rare materials, and other commodities are given rapt and adequate attention that it deserves and totally handled with outmost care and precision like special items services. UNITED NATIONS LOGISTICS & DIPLOMATIC COURIER SERVICE provides flexible and full-service logistical support services for the handling process of such items; through time tested and trusted process.

Storage and Facilities
Commodities / Special Items are goods classified under access resources goods (tangible or intangible) they are routinely secured as specially designed to be safely moved from anywhere to everywhere. We incorporated and dedicatedly providing a unique set of value-added services for shipments under our custody by ensuring safety of such goods, through our highly protected and secure warehousing provision as required for such.

Our tried and tested systems and package modules act as efficientfacility as can be widely attested to by those both individuals and companies that have used our services. And as an international player in the freight forwarding, delivery and logistics practices as required, we are among the best around world today.

With our fast track and on point interventions when needed, regarding to collection and forwarding of both small, big or huge parcels or cargo stored in a manner that facilitates easy and quick services as required by businesses and individuals world over.


Our reach is well spread and secure from America to Africa; Europe to Asia, Oceania and Pacific regions; and around the world. Even with our coordinating and collaborating couriers agencies, were seriously enabled in any part of the globe to deliver logistics and courier services as we are known for; and time and again we have been proven as we have been tried; and we have always proven ourselves worthy.

Fair to say, UNITED NATIONS LOGISTICS & DIPLOMATIC COURIER SERVICE have been TRIED, TESTED; TRUSTED and TICKED, both in logistical support, freight and courier services.