Heavy Parcel Delivery

Many people want to send parcels which are heavier, bulkier or longer than the standard parcel sizes accepted on a parcel network.
United Nations Logistics & Diplomatic Courier Service however offers a variety of delivery services for oversized parcels, as well as having a Freight Parcel department to process parcels with the following credentials;
Length of up to 300cm x Width 100cm x Height 99cm
Weight up to 99kg

If you own a business which regularly send heavy parcel shipments or large and heavy parcels then please contact us to discuss your requirements – we look forward to hearing from you.


Parcel Freight Services

Freight parcels are particularly good for products such as flat-pack furniture, garden furniture & play equipment.  Please remember that this is still a conveyorable network service, so packaging will still need to be appropriate and of the highest standard.

If you are just sending a one-off oversized parcel, then please call our customer service team who will be pleased to take details of your parcel weight and dimensions and can choose the most appropriate service available for your parcel delivery requirements.


Long Parcel Delivery

Most parcel companies only take parcels up to 1 metre in length, but being part of Excellent Express Courier access to many different types of parcel service – this means that we can deliver your long parcel.


Parcels up to 3 metres Long

If your parcel is up to 3 metres in length then we can ship this via the Freight Parcel Network: it will still be on a next day delivery and we can still ship to every part of the world without any surcharges.

Freight Parcels are very well suited to longer items including things like sports equipment, carpets & rugs, skis and surfboards, fishing equipment and household furniture.

Please remember though that as the freight network is still a conveyorable service items still need to be packaged appropriately. It is recommended that long items are packed in triangular or square packages rather than round tubes.


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